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Product Description

Everyday Active:  Made with a Revolutionary Therapeutic Fabric these socks can combat many physical conditions. Whether you are an active sports professional, or suffer from pain and discomfort, or you are recovering from an injury, Incrediwear socks may be able to help you.  Best for Jogging, Walking and Everyday Wear.



The active fabric in these socks has been proven in clinical trials to increase resting blood flow by up to 21.6 % and blood speed by up to 22.2%. Increased blood flow promotes faster healing while reducing pain and inflammation. These socks are antimicrobial and odor resistant and incredibly comfortable; they are perfect for Jogging, Walking, and Everday Wear!


Increase Circulation                                Soothe Tired Feet

Reduce Swelling                                       Moisture Wicking for Dry Feet

Thermo-Regulating                                 Antimicrobial & Odor Absorbing

Made with:

Germanium & Charcoal Fibers 57%/Flexible Fiber 15%/Cotton 28%

COLOR: White: Sizes: Small Medium Large

M 4.5-7 M 8-10.5 M 9.5 -13 XL M 13-17

W 5-8 W 8.5-11 W 10-14

COLOR: Black Sizes M 4.5-7 M 8-10.5 M 9.5-13 XL M 13-17

W 5-8 W 8.5-11 W 10-14

Additional information

Size - Men/Women

large 10-12.5, 10.5-13.5, medium 7-9.5, 8-10.5, Small 4-7, 5-7.5, xlarge 13-17


White, Black


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