Incrediwear Knee Brace



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Made with the same infused fabric with circulation enhancing semiconductors germanium and carbon, The Incrediwear Knee Brace is easy to put on and comfortable to wear. Scientifically proven to increase blood flow to skin, muscle and joints, the Knee Brace can alleviate pain and accelerate recovery – without medication!

Incrediwear is recommended by medical professionals, and used by professional athletes and active people everywhere.


Sprains                 Plantar Fasciitis          Tendonitis

Muscle Fatigue     Edema                         Shin Spints

Calf Cramps          Bursitis                        Arthritis

Carpal Tunnel        Meniscus Tears           Disc Injuries

Lower Back Pain   Rib Injuries                  Hip Injuries

Swelling                 Bruising                       Neuropathy

Sizes:         Med –      12″-14″ around knee             Large 14″-16″ around knee

XLarge       16″-18″ around knee          XXLarge  18″-22″ around knee




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ExtraExtra Large, Large, Medium, Xtra Large


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